Tuesday, 28 August 2012

ModelsOwn - second order yay :)

Another excitement!!! More ModelsOwn polishes arrived yesterday! How beautiful they are. This time I went for: Tangerine Queen, Purple Ash, Pinky Brown from Beetle Juice collection, Green Flash from Champagne collection and Red Alert.

I have chosen colours totally different to each other’s as I like variety and wanted to try out different colours.
So here they are:

Tangerine Queen – it’s soo bright – more orange then yellow but I love it, it looks amazing with tanned skin – especially on your toes. If you like to stand out – that one is defo for you! J

Purple Ash – I got this one as I thought it will be niece to have something not too bright – perfect for office work.  It is lovely colour which I would recommend to wear on daily basis….prettttyyyy

Pinky Brown from Beetle Juice collection – hello glitter! It’s purple-ish with huge doze of glitter which I absolutely love. Next night out – I’ll be glitter queen!

Green Flash from Champagne collection – I really wanted to try out colour from this collection and I have to admit it took me ages to decide which one I want…..and I could not be more happy with my choice. This colour is simply beautiful, glittery and shinny but not too much. I can only imagine a beautiful evening outfit together with nails painted in Green Flash and gold accessorises……amazing look!

Red Alert – if you like red colours – this one is for you. Bright and juicy, definitely eye-catching! Red lovers – get your hands on it.

On the top of this I got this black nail art pen. It comes quite small and the brush is thing but it will last for a while as it’s easy in use and you don’t need a lot to do any art with it.

I also discovered that Boots in Oxford Circus has ModelOwn stand!!! How come I didn’t know??? They don’t have as much colours as website but I found this gorgeous lip gloss – Madame Rose and it gives this nice glow and natural look – not sticky too J

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Purple mood

Wonderful Wednesday nails with amazing purple polish from Inglot! <3

Friday, 17 August 2012

ModelsOwn - my new crush...........

   I always admired long nails, french manicure, red nails……….my nails use to brake all the time and I have never ever had a chance to paint them…..until few years ago. I was told I should use Sally Hansen products to help with nails breaking and as much as I was surprised it worked! My nails have grown faster and became harder….but I will write about that amazing product in my next post J

   I have million nails polishes, different colours and different brands and I have to say I love most of them. I find really annoying when my nail polish chips off after 1 or 2 days – I work in office sooo I type quite a lot. I wanted ot use some professional brand but they were too expensive and I never could afford buying them so I use cheaper ones and had to repaint them every other day…..until now…….One day I was went on ModelsOwn website as I knew they have amazing colours and I wanted to check what is new on it and I have discovered their amazing promotion!!!! Standard price for those polishes is £8 but now they were only £5 and what is even better…..when you buy 3 – you save £3 and when you buy 5 – you save £7. I got excited and after long long long time of deciding which colours I want I have chosen 5 colours and I couldn’t believe it came up to £18! Bargain!
   I couldn’t wait to receive then and there they were:

                    Raspberry Crush, Navy Blue, Fuzzy Peach, Ibiza Mix and Felling Blue


Colours I bought were:

Ibiza Mix – Hed Kandi – this is one of my favourites……..it’s a see-through polish with big chunks of colourful glitter in it. You can use it with every colour, just top it up and basically it changes your normal nail into funky, going out nails. I absolutely love it.

Raspberry Crush – this colour is amazing, between pink and red can be great add for girly, sweet outfits or crazy, colourful styles. It’s soo different that its extremely eye catchy.

Fuzzy Peach – first when I pain my nails I thought about creamy, peachy chupa chups lollipop, its sooo pretty, not too orange and it does look like a creamy peach just got on your nails.

Feeling Blue – light blue colour with a bit of metallic shine, soooo nice and perfect on nights outs and even with stylish evening outfit. Very good base for a design J

Navy Blue – if you like dark nails but won’t to avoid black and brown this is perfect, especially if you would like ot be a little bit funky every day.

    Once when I bought them I have started to paint my nails and create new designs. I painted my nails on Sunday morning and on Friday I still had perfect nails. I absolutely love them.

   I used Ibiz Mixon the top of navy blue and it looked like a dark sky with starts – the best party nails I ever head.

   I used Ibiza Mix also on raspberry crush and it look sooo pretty that people asked me on tube what kind of of nail polish I used.

   I am huge fan of Models Own, soo easy to paint and great choice of colours, I have 5 more on the way so no doubts I will be very excited when I will get them, you will hear about it!

Check the website: http://www.modelsownit.com/products/nails/nail-polishes.html

Trouble x

   So I did it!!! I finally managed to create a blog, I am sooo excited to start it so I can write about my hobby – make up and nails.

   Yes, I am one crazy lady who has a little obsession with nail polishes and make up and everything has to be colourful ! I always like to create different look through make up and paint nails with the most exciting designs.
I like trying my own idea or someone else’s. I hope that I can share ideas with other bloggers through my blog and show and try out few new products, techniques and colours.

   This is just a first post to say hi and watch that space J