Tuesday, 30 October 2012

We are here again - The Beauty Bloggazons Weekly Roundup 27/10/12

Hello beauty bloggers! I am a tiny bit late - I have been soo busy moving house and now mummy and daddy came to visit me from Poland so super excited, hence this post was a bit delayed :)

But here is it....our next weekly Roundup from - make sure to check what Beauty Bloggazons were up to last week and don't forget to say hi :)

Enjoy reading x

Friday, 26 October 2012

Sparkle, Glittery, Big Round Rings

Hello lovelies :) Happy Friday! My day started bit poo but as soon as I got ot work I had a little box waiting for me on my desk with two amazing rings inside! As I propably mention already I love massive ring - especially round and oval ones. The more unique the better, althought it's not easy to find jewellery you like. Following lots of beauty bloggers I bumped into a post from xSparkles Make Me Happy and I have spotted a piture of very nice ring.

Once I start to read it I have discovered that they are a small company aiming to brighten the world through the production of shiny jewelry and nail art sets. They are creating a jewellery with nail polsihes using all sparkle and glitter. Check their website here

I am a huge fan of glitter and sparle so when I saw a big, round rings that actually look like my gliterry nail polishes I went crazy and I thought OMG I need ot have one of those rings.....it's everything that I love..so I got two!
I absolutely love them:

                                   Halloween Ring Nail Polish Jewelry: Lynnderella All Hallows Eve

                                         Matte Microglitter Nail Polish Ring Nailventurous Humblebee

Big Thanks to Cassie who send my order soo quickly to me! :)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Beauty Bloggazons Roundup 20/10

Hello my lovely bloggazons :)

It si time for our next weekly roundup so have a look what we were up to last week:)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Laine Blogger Award - lucky me :)

Hello and Happy Friday my fellow Beauty Bloggers :D

I am one lucky lady as I have been nominated to another blog award - Laine Blegger Award.

I need ot say massive that you to Makeup Demon for nominating me! Thank you! Check her lovely blog, it's awesome :)

Here are the rules:
  • Answer 5 questions about yourself (same ones listed here)
    Add award logo in your post and thank the person who gave it to you and link back to the person that gave you the award
  • Pass it on to 5 other bloggers and notify them on their blog that they won
Questions and my answers:
1. What is your current beauty obsession?
My new obssession is my new MAC Margin Frost Powder Blusher and Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara
2. What is the ONE item you wish you own?
There is soo many items I want to own haha at this moment I am thinking about some lovely bath products from Lush....need to go shopping :)
3. What is your favourite topic to read about?
Tips and how to do something...I love to see how people are dealing with day to day fun and issues
4. What inspired you to become a blogger?
My passion to makeup as I thought this will be the best way to share it with everyone
5. What nail polish are you wearing now?
Raspberry Crush by ModelsOwn :)
I give this award to:
1. My Crafty Crazy Life 
Enjoy x

Monday, 15 October 2012

Collection Bedazzled Event - new products launch

Hello beauty bloggers J

I was meant to blog about it week ago but I got soo busy I had no time,…..still excited to let you know about my last week trip to Hotel W in London for Collection Cosmetics Bedazzled Event that was held last Tuesday and was launching new Bedazzled Collection.

When I got there I thought they couldn’t choose any better place – so nice and stylish with canapés and cocktails been served around. First thing I have noticed was colourful bowls with new products inside – ready for us to try out. So what’s new in collection?

I am starting from my favourite one - Bedazzled Glitter Palette – it has 9 amazing colours with glitter which I loved from the beginning as I love glitter soo much. All that’s sparkle perfect for night outs! I think if you like a little bit of sparkle it is definitely for you. I wouldn’t wear it every day as I found that glitter can go all over my face – so defo not daily look, but for a evening makeup looks is the best thing ever. Using it with a bit of water on brush gives a better and more visible colour and its only £4.49 and already in shops right now J

Next product is Big Fake Ultimate Mascara – it’s very nice mascara with quite big brush which works well for me as I am huge fun of brushes. I made my lashes bit thicker and longer which is a great look and I found it very easy to apply. I used them with my Autumn Colours makeup challenge if you want to see results (click here)

Now here come nails polishes – Bedazzled Nail Effects – and again how much I love glitter I can’t even explain and Collection introduced 4 new shades . Glitter itself isn’t too big so if you want only a little bit of sparkle it’s perfect. Which on you like the most? I got Love Jewel and I will post some pictures soon.

The best product that I saw at this launching event was Collection’s Cover & Go Foundation and Concealer Duo – this is a foundation and concealer in one of course as you can notice from the name but what made it special is the way it was created. We all have a foundation in little tube that is suitable for every bag and in this bag we have separate concealer in case we need it.  Collection’s Cover & Go Foundation and Concealer Duo has everything in one – on the top of that foundation tube you can find not only concealer but also a little mirror! I think the idea is absolutely brilliant! I hope my picture show how creatively this product is design. It’s not out until 4th February 2013 so keep your eyes open ladies J


The Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup Week 14/10/12

Hello beauty bloggers :) It is again this time of week when we have our weekly roundup :) I am excited to be a part of it and read what The Beauty Bloggazons were up to last week :) Check it out and say hello while reading there posts :)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Autumn colours challenge - Green

Hiya everyone :) So it's time for another challenge from My Autumn Colours challenge (to check challenge click here

Today I am challenging green colour with day, evening and creative make up....here is what I did:

Day look using green colours:

Evening look using green colours:

Creative look using green colours:

This is what I have used:

  • Primer - Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
  • Foundation - Giordani Gold Mineral Therapy Foundation by Oriflame
  • Powder - MAC Studio Careblend
  • Blusher - MAC Powder Blush Margin Frost
  • Concelaer - MAC Studio Finish Concelaer
  • Eyebrows - DVA Cosmetics
  • Eyes - Green eyeshadows from Inglot and MAC black eye pencil
  • Eyelashes - Big Fake Ultimate Mascara from Collection
  • Eyeliner - 
  • Hallo Highlighting Wand from Smashbox on my cheeks
  • Fast Stroke Eyeliner from Collection 2000

Friday, 12 October 2012

Versatile Blogger award - Thank you

I woke up this morning and I was soo nicely surprised that I have been nominated for Versatile Blogger Award.

I was nominated by lovely @LoveNail Polish and her amazing blog Adicted to OPI-yum (check her blog it's amazing). Thank you so much for this nomination I am soo excite about it.

Now what are the rules? Simple:

  • Share seven random facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to 15 other bloggers and let them know you nominated them
  • Thank the person who nominated you in your award post and share a link back to their blog
  • Put the Versatile Blogger Award in your post
 Seven Random Facts About me:
1. I am only 5’1”
2. I love love love love heels
3. I am absolutely crazy about people’s eye and eye make up
4. I have amazing young sister who is way taller then me!
5. I love and pandas
6. I am a proud owner of little bamboo tree which is growing and growing (plants hate me so it is a big success for far)
7.  I have red hair

I have nominated 15 peopple for this award - clearly from my latest internactions with them and because I love their posts. HEre we go....in no particular order:

 Grab your awards ladies :)

Way to keep my nail vanis in place when I paint my nails in rush...yes please :)

This is something I had to share with everyone……..

I love painting my nails….a lot but sometimes I am soo busy and I ending up doing painting them before sleeping and while sitting on my comfy bed, all sounds good but…I always manage to spilt my nails polish or hold it between my knees (ermmm yeah I do that!)

Thanks to beauty bloggers I have discovered this this Pink Puff Nail Vanish Holder! This is soo cool, so simple and such a great idea!  I love it! What you think?

If you want ot check it out you can here

And I just recived my own pinkpuff vanish holder!!! Woohooo


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Go Pink Wednesday - Breast Cancer Awareness

Go Pink Wednesday - Breast Cancer Awareness

Approximately 81% of breast cancers occur in women who are over the age of 50. Nearly half of all cases are diagnosed in people in the 50-69 age group.


Monday, 8 October 2012

Autumn Colour challenge - Brown

Happy Monday everyone J
Sooo I have started with my makeup challenge yesterday. I was meant to post it last night but due to computer issues I couldn’t. So here we go…..

If you want to check my challenge just have a look here

It was a brown colour that I have challenged from Autumn Colours.
What I did? I created day look first, then added more colour creating evening look and then went a bit crazy and did Halloween look just by adding more colours.

Day Look:


Evening Look:

Creative Look:

                                                                  Halloween Party

What I have used:
                                                          Products that I have used

  • Primer - Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
  • Foundation - Giordani Gold Mineral Therapy Foundation by Oriflame
  • Powder - MAC Studio Careblend
  • Blusher - MAC Powder Blush Margin Frost
  • Concelaer - MAC Studio Finish Concelaer
  • Eyebrows - DVA Cosmetics
  • Eyes - Brown eyeshadows from Inglot and MAC black eye pencil
  • Eyelashes - Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Friday, 5 October 2012

Freebee Friday - beauty and jewellery - perfect match!

Freebee Friday!!!! Yes it is but what's this all about?
Few weeks ago I went to London Fashion Weekend. I walked around Somerset House for few hours looking around, checking out all stands, clothers, brands. (check my review here)
While I was walking around I have noticed one stand with jewellery and straight away knew that this is going to e something I’m gona love! So I went over to see it and I saw some amazing stuff there……they call MyFlashTrash.

What is MyFlashTrash – it’s an online jewellery boutique that’s sells amazing jewellery – designer one and 'spotted on celebrities’ jewellery', they are awesome. I was sooo excited as I love jewellery and they had soo many amazing rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and charms (my favourite) and it’s in all shapes and colours and different styles.
Every lady needs jewellery, everyone like different styles, shapes, colours……well you can find everything in there.

I personally love big, round chunky rings so this one was my favourite:

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to buy anything during London Fashion Weekend but I checked out their website and I had to share with you about it.

They ship worldwide which is great and their prices are for anyone’s pocket from £10 to over £200 if you are crazy about designer jewellery. You can get things from designer like: Aimee’s Vintage, Annabel Campbell, Bark, Catherine Zoraida, Emma Franklin, Love Bullets, Moshi Monsters (I have to admit I love those one, cute charms), Tatty Devine, Street Princess (watch that space!!!), Tomasz Donocik, Zoe & Morgan and much more! here

Lots of jewellery were spotted on celebrities or magazines so if you wanted to buy something from thats your fav celebs wore and saw in magazines maybe it’s there? Check out for jewelerry marks as 'Seen in' or 'Spotted on'

If you love Kate Middleton's style – you can get royal coral charm as worn by herlsef here

In general there is soo much to choose from I can't wait to place my order….here are my favourite’s ones:

And that’s not all…....this is the time to mention Freebee Friday Giveawy!

With ALL orders placed on Friday with MyFlashTrash you can receive a FREE SheSaidBeauty Product. What Free they give today? Check here
Happy Friday! J