Tuesday, 28 August 2012

ModelsOwn - second order yay :)

Another excitement!!! More ModelsOwn polishes arrived yesterday! How beautiful they are. This time I went for: Tangerine Queen, Purple Ash, Pinky Brown from Beetle Juice collection, Green Flash from Champagne collection and Red Alert.

I have chosen colours totally different to each other’s as I like variety and wanted to try out different colours.
So here they are:

Tangerine Queen – it’s soo bright – more orange then yellow but I love it, it looks amazing with tanned skin – especially on your toes. If you like to stand out – that one is defo for you! J

Purple Ash – I got this one as I thought it will be niece to have something not too bright – perfect for office work.  It is lovely colour which I would recommend to wear on daily basis….prettttyyyy

Pinky Brown from Beetle Juice collection – hello glitter! It’s purple-ish with huge doze of glitter which I absolutely love. Next night out – I’ll be glitter queen!

Green Flash from Champagne collection – I really wanted to try out colour from this collection and I have to admit it took me ages to decide which one I want…..and I could not be more happy with my choice. This colour is simply beautiful, glittery and shinny but not too much. I can only imagine a beautiful evening outfit together with nails painted in Green Flash and gold accessorises……amazing look!

Red Alert – if you like red colours – this one is for you. Bright and juicy, definitely eye-catching! Red lovers – get your hands on it.

On the top of this I got this black nail art pen. It comes quite small and the brush is thing but it will last for a while as it’s easy in use and you don’t need a lot to do any art with it.

I also discovered that Boots in Oxford Circus has ModelOwn stand!!! How come I didn’t know??? They don’t have as much colours as website but I found this gorgeous lip gloss – Madame Rose and it gives this nice glow and natural look – not sticky too J


  1. Love this nail varnish, unfortunately don't own any, but have tried my sisters .. think it's something i need to put on my wishlist.

  2. They are really nice and stay for such a long time :) You should defnitely put them on your wish list :D x