Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Little things can make us happy

It’s my birthday……well not anymore but it was last weekend.
I just wanted to share with my excitement as I got few amazing present.

One of them are MAC vouchers which mean I will be  using them very soon – as in tomorrow probably and I am not sure what I will get yet….I know what I need but ohhh we all know how it is once you will get into shop that’s it! You want everything! I am mainly after face products and as soon as I will get them I will let you know what I have purchased J

Another present I got and was sooo excited about is a little gift box that my mum and sister prepared for me. They are far away from me so buying me a present wasn’t an option and they desperately wanted to send me something. My sister knows I love to shop in Sephora and I absolutely love Sephora shower gels and everything that has to do something with bath (this is my new obsession here). This is what they got me:

How amazing this little box is? I has all little sample of Sephora Shower gels and fizzy cubes and OMG they smell amazing. I had a bath with strawberry fizzy cube last night and it felt (and looked) like I am having bath in milk. It smelled amazing, felt amazing and. My skin was soo nice and soft after and I could smell for a long time while in bed. I absolutely love it and I think it is awesome that such a little thing can make you soo happy.

If I could I would buy whole lots of them so I can use it every day! Anyone tried it before?


  1. --------> HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU < -------

    It sounds like it was very happy indeed!

    Yes the little things mean so much !

    Thanks for sharing a little happiness with us!
    : )

    Here is hoping your next year is the best ever.

  2. Tahnk you soo much, it made me very happy indeed :) x