Thursday, 14 March 2013

I'm back!

Hello there, I'm back!

I've been absent and not able to write my blog for around 4 months which is rather upsetting.....last 4 months were extremely hectic in my life and even thorough I still cannot say everything is sorted and back to normal I finally have some time for ME time.

Cutting storey short I had lots of changes going on, trying to find a new place to leave, loosing job before Xmas, going away to see family for Xmas, finding a job and new place to live and few other things that I won't even wrote about.

There is lots of exciting things coming up in my life and that's the most important.....moving house again (yes but this time it will be a good move), running race for life, enjoying my new job, going to Vegas, and blogging about my favourite beauty and fashion! Watch that space! :)

What I've done and learnt over last 4 months? Yeah there was few bits.....

New house, Xmas and winter back home, learnt how to cook (wooohaaah), learnt how to do plaits (still practising), made some clothes, got a new job (check out the view from my office), being spoilt by my boyf, got back to have my super red hair :)


  1. Ania I am glad to see you again. I know what a hardship moving can be, having done it many times. I hope things continue to go well for you.

  2. Welcome Back!

    Just wanted to say I love that cupcake towel. Please do a tutorial?

  3. love your hair color :)
    let's follow each other