Thursday 27 September 2012

Challenge those Autumn colours!

Summer is over and Autumn is here. As much as I love summer I have to admit there is one thing I love about autumn - it's autumn's colours! All trees getting dark green, brown, orange, yellow, reddish. Soo warm and pretty.....

Since I am soo passionate about makeup I am always inspired with different looks, colours mixing and creativity.

I have seen many amazing makeup looks on different blogs and really wanted to participate in makeup challenge but it is hard to find one. There are plenty nail design challenges but not much for being inspired by autumn.....I thought I will start makeup challenge! I am soo looking forward to create different looks!

Since it's a first challenge ever for me; I thought I will start for something easy and not too complicated. Instead of choosing different categories or inspiration to create a look (I am not asking to create a autumn look); I thought I will choose simply Autumn Colours as a theme!

It is very easy and fun challenge....every week I will have ONE colour to challenge and create 3 different looks (it is important not to mix colours except with black and white if you need them as they are essential for makeup looks). 

Looks to create are very look, evening look and creative/inspired look (here I want to go crazy, something creative, inspired by anything I can think of, look mainly for spacial occasions using different techniques - feeling free to add anything to it).

How that will work? - I will create those looks through whole month of October; weekly - I will post them at the end of every week (Sundays) throughout October for your judgement.

What colours I will challenge?
  • Week 1 (1st - 7th October) - Brown
  • Week 2 - (8th - 14th) - Green
  • Week 3 (15th - 21st) - Orange
  • Week 4 (22nd - 28th) - Red 
  • Week 5 (29th - 2nd Nov) - Yellow
Exceptions: Black and White - those can be used all the time too

Sooo what are the rules:
  • - every week challenge one colour from list above and create 3 different looks - day look, evening look and creative/inspired 

  • - you can use only colour that you are challenging (exceptions for black and white), do not mix any other colours unless its a different tone

  • - post your looks at the end of every week on Sunday so we can comment on what we have created :)

  • - let us know what products you have used by posting you blog link with you looks in comments for this posts
  • - have fun!

Who's in? Let's challenge those colours!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Ania! This is an awesome challenge. I can't wait to see your looks :-)