Monday, 24 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend and Smashbox Event

Monday Blues…..oh how much I hate Mondays especially when it’s raining…..being at work isn’t fun and I’d prefer to be home all wrap up J

I just wanted to share with you with few things I did over the weekend!

On Friday I went to LONDON FASHION WEEKEND and I have to say I was gutted that I have bought tickets only for shopping.  Since I really wanted to attend Smashbox free event in London I thought we will go to London Fashion Weekend, shop and run to other event. I wish we could see catwalk now……whole shopping experience wasn’t that great in my opinion but only because all clothes and brands were simply not my style and I couldn’t find anything exciting for myself, which is shame. Atmosphere was great and I only could be jealous for all those who actually been working for this event – ahhhh if I could go backstage…………

I got nice bag with few things to try our and I will definitely review them soon J

Soo after checking out al shops we run to The Music Room in Mayfair to check out Smashbox event and I absolutely loved it. We got there – there was a queue and I knew they can let in only 250 in one go so I was excited when queue started to move. Everyone was lovely and looked after us while we were waiting; giving us samples and finally we got in. I was soo surprised that as soon as we got in we have been given a bag with lots of products! We also received Smashbox Hallo Highlighting Wand (I will definitely review this product as it looks amazing).

Inside there were Djs playing music, we were given drinks – coconut water (whoever likes it hehe J J, there were lots of things going on…..

-          Stand with cosmetics on the side, where you can try out anything you want and introduce yourself with the brand –if you had question – there were lots of make-up artists around to help and answer them

-          Makeover areas – few areas for makeover where MUAs were helping us to look even more gorgeous, there was a long queue to have one but if you had no plans for evening why not then?

-          Now this is my fav part – there were two areas where two lovely ladies were doing awesome creations with your hair! All those plaits, I absolutely loved it. It looked soo pretty that I have plaited my hair too……I think it’s a lovely style for winter! What you think?

-          There was a photographer too taking lots of individual pictures and photo boxes! They are my favourites one……making silly faces? Yes that would be me J

In total it was really good and I am soo happy I could finally play with Smashbox cosmetics as I have never had a chance before. This is what we got from lovely Smashbox team and I can’t wait to try them on and let you know what I think J


  1. Very cool blog post - I love your hair!

  2. Thank you, I love red hair colour haha, love your name and blog :) just followed and looking forward to reading more posts :)